A Fofo Video About My Dog Fofo Frank54.com          My Dog Fofo June 23/2000 - Sept 25/2013
Fofo was born June 23/2000 and died on September 25/2013.

I bought him at a pet store on September 13/2000 and ever since then he has brought us so much joy and
love into our lives..

Fofo was a Shih Tzu and Yorkshire mix and he had a beautiful tan colored coat which was so very soft
and smooth to the touch.

He was always very playful and love playing with stuffed toys.. His favorite was a football that he always
loved and would always take to sleep with him.

He especially loved to eat rawhide sticks which help remove tartar from his teeth..

Fofo had an underbite which sometimes would look like he was smiling at you.

He will be missed very much by Frank, Terry, Maria, Vito, Christina, Cynthia, Grace, Juliana and Daniela.